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Nonton Satori Sur (2019) Direct by Federico Rotstein. Actors . Satori Sur (2019). . Los Andes Cine. Argentina. Edited Subtitle by indoxxikeren.site

Satori Sur (2019) iMDb:7.1/10/17.956

(User Rating 7.1/10 Based on 17.956)

Genre: Documentary

Actors: ,


Production: ,

Sinopsis: To Describe Miguel Grinberg As A Journalist, Writer And Poet Doesn't Do Him Justice. A Key Fgure Of The Argentine Counterculture In The 60s, He Played A Similar Role To Those Of Allen Ginsberg And Jonas Mekas In The US; Unsurprisingly, He Was A Close Friend And Collaborated With Them Both. Satori Sur Focuses On Their Correspondence While Celebrating Grinberg's 80th Birthday, Surrounded By Memories, Unpublished Texts, Unwritten Books And Existential Notes.

Durasi: 70 min

Quality:  Fhd


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Alternatif title:

Actor & Crew Satori Sur (2019) iMDb:7.1/10/17.956

Poster Satori Sur (2019) iMDb:7.1/10/17.956

Video Satori Sur (2019) iMDb:7.1/10/17.956

Nonton Movie Satori Sur (2019) fhd Subtitle Indonesia Gratis hanya di INDOXXIkeren. Film Satori Sur di sutradarai oleh Federico Rotstein yang mahir menciptakan cerita fiksi di film Satori Sur ini. Film Satori Sur ini di angkat dari sebuah cerita Documentary yang di bintangi oleh yang berperan sebagai , .

Box Office Satori Sur akan di rilis pada tanggal 2019-11-15 di negara Argentina.Hingga pada di rilisnya film Satori Sur kini mendapatkan rating 7.1(iMDb).. Selamat menonton film berdurasi 70 di INDOXXIkeren.